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Cambridge School Classics Project Blog

A photograph showing three girls dressed in Roman costume reading from two ancient scrolls and preparing a recitation

Teaching Latin in the Reading Ancient Schoolroom

Are you looking for new ways to engage your students in Latin or the ancient world? Taking a trip to an ancient schoolroom might be just the thing! In this post, Professor Eleanor Dickey explains how the Reading Ancient Schoolroom came about, discusses the activities on offer and the historical evidence upon which they are based.

Teaching the 5th Edition: Reflections of a Latin teacher

How is the new edition of the Cambridge Latin Course being received by students in the Latin classroom? In this post, Joanna Johnson, Head of Classics at Solihull School, shares her first impressions of the new textbook, and some of her students' most interesting reactions!

On Sensitivity Reading: the what, how, and why

What is a sensitivity reading, and how is it done? In this post, Pria Jackson reflects on her EDI work for the new edition of the Cambridge Latin Course, and on what the process can bring to our classrooms and our representations of the ancient world.

Success in language acquisition (and GCSEs)

In this post, Director Caroline Bristow explores how the CLC's carefully constructed linguistic plan has been adapted to respond to ever tighter teaching schedules and exam pressures.

The story's the thing...

From Quintus' little sister to the introduction of Barbillus as amīcus in Book I, there's lots to look forward to in the new edition. In this post, Director Caroline Bristow reflects on the narrative that students and teachers love and the changes you can expect from the new UK and International edition.

A drawing from the "Chronography of 354" showing a personification of the month of December. Saturnalian dice and a mask are on the table in front of him.

How to Teach Deep Culture in Secondary Latin

How do we teach Greek and Roman culture in a rigorous and systematic way that honors the complexity and diversity of the peoples that inhabited the Ancient Mediterranean? In this piece, Evan Dutmer provides teachers with a simple framing tool that will help them to teach culture on both its surface and deeper levels.